Anti-Roll Bars

Anti-Roll Bars reduces body roll during cornering.

Anti-Roll Bar
Anti-Roll Bar

Another way of controlling bodyroll is by using anti-roll bars. However, opinion is divided on whether they're a good thing. Basically, an anti-roll bar (or sway bar) connects to both wheels across the car. So as the suspension on one side compresses, the bar turns and pulls the other wheel up, to flatten the car out. Because the roll bar only works when the car is cornering, you can keep a fairly soft overall chassis stiffness from the springs and improve the roll stiffness, as the car corners. Several suspension manufacturers believe that the same effect can be had with the right springs.

One area where roll bars can cause problems is on very tight corners. The car comes in under braking, turns in sharply and then nails the throttle. As this happens, the weight moves from the outside front wheel to the outside rear wheel and the inside front wheel gets unweighted. This can lead to a loss of grip, with wheelspin and hence reduced acceleration.

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