Oil Consumption - Distorted/Twisted Connecting Rods

If the alignment of the connecting rods has been altered they will fail to move the piston up and down within the cylinder evenly. As a result oil will enter the combustion chamber where it is burned.

Bent Connecting Rods
Bent Connecting Rods

The connecting rods play the most important role in defining how the pistons are moving within the cylinder. Alignment errors due to twisted or distorted connecting rods cause the pistons to run unevenly within the cylinder. The piston is then striking the cylinder walls on opposite side of the cylinder in turn.

As a result, the oil enters the combustion chamber through the gaps. The uneven piston motion can in worst case increase the oil consumption further by pushing the oil upward as it accumulates at the gap.

Whenever piston damage occurs, the connecting rods should be checked for alignment and dimensional accuracy.

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