Oil Consumption – High Oil Level

High oil levels will result in oil burning in the combustion chamber.

High Oil Level
High Oil Level

With high oil levels the crankshaft cuts through the oil more frequently and creates oil mist. If the engine oil is unsuitable, contaminated or degraded (old) then this cutting can result in foaming. This foaming combined with the blow-by gasses will allow the mist to enter the intake through the crankcase ventilation. Once it enters the intake, it is sucked into the combustion chamber and burnt off. This will also be visible on spark plug tips being black rather than light brown.

If the engine is equipped with a oil separator this will separate the oil from the intake air. However the increased foaming can render even the most complex oil separation systems useless.

The recommended oil level is between low and full marking on the dipstick. On high performance/racing engines the oil level should be at operational level (which is lower than full to minimize drag).

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