Oil Loss - High Oil Pressure

If the oil pressure is too high the mating surfaces cannot withstand this higher pressure and oil may seep out.

Seals can be damaged and needs to be reapplied (after proper removal and cleaning of mating surfaces), however if the oil pressure still remains too high, the failure will soon occur again at a similar place.

Is it important to identify the root cause of the high oil pressure. Oil pressure is not built by the oil pump, but by forcing oil through small passages. The smaller the passages the higher the pressure and vice versa, the larger the passages, the lower the pressure. From this we understand that a too high oil pressure is the result of a restriction in the oil system. This restriction has to be found and removed.

Check oil filter is not blocked and bypass valve (if present) for proper function. Change if suspected.

Check oil lines are not blocked with dirt. Open lines at both end and blow compressed air through them to ensure they are clean.

Check oil non-return valve or oil pressure control valve for proper function. Change if necessary.

Check that the correct parts have been used for hoses (correct dimension) valves (properly fitted) and oil (correct viscosity and specification).

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